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``On matters of style, swim with the current; on matters of principle, we stand like a rock``

Why to appoint MAVENS’ planet as your Sourcing agents in India for Quality Products. Find out here …

  • Regular buyers and importers prefer to have their own liaison office for better communication & over-all co-ordination.
  • If the importing company is not a large one, they outsource strategic sourcing and procurement function by appointing a liaison office.
  • We as your nominated agents identify the most suitable export import companies, quality products, negotiate costs, check in-process quality, perform pre-shipment inspection and many other functions on behalf of the buyer.
  • Another advantage is significant reduction in business risk as our quality control team keeps regular control over quality during production process. As goods remain under strict supervision, there is hardly any chance of getting quality complaint after the goods reach destination. And we at MAVENS’ planet have a clean track record on quality parameters for decades.
  • MAVENS’ planet doesn’t act as a export import agent on behalf of manufacturing companies rather, act as a liaison office on behalf of our buyer and usually receive a commission from buyers for our work.
  • Exporting products through agents is advantageous for manufacturing exporters as well. It helps in significant cost and time saving. Vendor saves a lot in marketing cost, communication cost, overseas traveling cost etc.

Why Buyers trust Us.. ??

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We help the client to not only build its own brand but also help maintain its implied promise by delivering the levels of quality people have come to expect from a brand.

Our Team

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Our team utilizes project management tools to set goals, define sub-tasks, assign responsibilities and always creates contingency plans to address anticipated obstacles.

Right Product

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Team quickly gets on board and accepts changes in latest trends, bringing you the best quality products from India.

Right Place

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Our logistic team acts swiftly to organize the safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation of products always.

Right Price

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We strive hard to get you the best possible prices after maximizing on negotiations and creating a win-win solution for all.